What Is The Difference Between Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate?

Chocolate. We all love it, but how much do we know about our favourite food? Probably not as much as we should. Chocolate is one of the most fascinating foods that you will ever come across and its makeup is something that everyone who is passionate about chocolate should make time to learn. There are a few myths surrounding both dark and milk chocolate, namely the fact that the one is better than the other in terms of nutrients, as well as things like fat and sugar, but to truly know for sure which one is better, a comparative analysis of the tow needs to be done. Before that though, the main difference between these two chocolates needs to be highlighted.

The main difference between milk and dark chocolate is the cocoa solid content. You may be wondering what this means. Chocolate is made up of, first and foremost, cocoa solids. It is theses solids that determine how the chocolate tastes. Sugar is added to the cocoa solids, as well as fat and that is how normal chocolate is made. Dark chocolate has got a very high content of cocoa solids and very little fat or sugar whereas milk chocolate has got the reverse.

The comparison between the two

  • Milk chocolate has got infinitely more fat in it than dark chocolate, making it not only different, but unhealthier as well. This makes it the ideal candidate for heart issues and other such maladies, whereas dark chocolate is associated with the reverse in people. If you are hoping to lose weight, but simply cannot seem to stay away from this decadent treat, always opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate!
  • In terms of calories, milk and dark chocolate are actually almost the same, meaning that they are on par with each other when it comes to this.
  • Dark chocolate has got a lot of anti-oxidants, all of which are incredibly good for the heart and blood system, whereas milk chocolate does not have the same amount due to its fat content. However, there are new studies that have shown that some forms of milk chocolate are carriers of bio active particles that are beneficial to things like our health.
  • When it comes to determining which of these is best, the general consensus in the medical community is that dark chocolate is better because of the fact that it does not have as much sugar and fat as normal milk chocolate.

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