Stop Spilling Coffee

Do you know anybody who has never spilled a mug full of coffee on his or her clothes or technological gadgets? I am sure this is a situation that has happened to almost everybody and, sometimes, more than once! You, or the person you know, have probably had favorite clothes ruined and expensive gadgets destroyed. The more you drink coffee, the more likely you are to spilling a coffee mug, no matter how careful you are. There will be a moment when you are completely distracted multitasking and the coffee mug will be sitting right in the place between your laptop and those very important documents – a recipe for disaster!

Suffer no more! There is a product already in the market that can save you from those embarrassing moments. It is costless compared to how much you would spend for having coffee spilled over you laptop, phone, or tablet. It is costless compared to how much time you would lose trying to get rid of coffee stains. It is costless compared to all the trouble you would have for having lost those important documents. The product I have been taking everywhere I go since I bought it, it is, of course, a coffee mug!

However, this is a special type of mug. For starters, it is called the Mighty Mug and its slogan says “The mug that won’t fall over”. It is a thermal, cylindrical mug that comes in all different types of sizes and colors. The mug’s magic is related to its suction cup located on the bottom of the mug. The suction cup adheres to smooth surfaces and will only release itself from the surface if you grab it from the mug’s upper part. Once it is stuck to the surface of your office table, it will resist to the most violent arm and hand hits without causing a mess. In addition, if you are not into coffee or want a more sportive looking product, the mug’s manufacturer offers similar products for other types of drinks. This is a product that can also appeal to college students. Waking up early for classes can leave any person a little more clumsy than usual. Using this type of mug might save your from spilling coffee over your class assignments and might avoid that your receive a bad grade. There is, however, one drawback. The mug does not maintain the coffee hot for a long period. One average, you can expect to have a hot beverage between one, one and a half hour.

Your coworker’s birthday is coming up? The Secret Santa party has already been drawn? Think no more! This can be the ultimate, most surprising gift you can give anyone. I can guarantee that everyone will try to hit this mug at least once to prove its power and will be amazed to see that it works! Last but not least, the mug is also dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can use it as much as you want during the day and put it into your washing machine if you do not feel like doing the dishes.

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