7 Health Benefits of Finest Black Darjeeling Tea

Generally, Tea is identified as a stimulating drink. Numerous connoisseurs all over the World adore it. Though it is primarily known for its stimulating nature, but it has many health related benefits generally less known to the public. An enthusiast loves tea due to its unique flavour and notes that really makes their taste buds revitalised.

Tea comes in many forms like Green Tea, Black Tea to name a few. It can also be classified into numerous categories region wise. Connoisseurs also like to check those tea leafs by flush like first flush, second flush and so on. However, the most notable characteristic of a tea is its uniqueness. Each pack of tea is unique naturally and that is why it became a popular drink as well as a matter of research also. Just like those barrels of premium matured finest Scotch Whiskeys, Tea has the element to rejuvenate and revitalise your sensation.

Each kind of Tea has their advantages and disadvantages but Black Tea produced in Darjeeling is especially well known for their health benefits –

· Antioxidants: It contains Polyphenols. These work as antioxidants and help our immune system in blocking DNA damage. These types of antioxidants are very much different from those obtained from fruits. If taken regularly, they can provide a healthy support to our diet.

· Diabetes: Based on a research conducted on elderly peoples of a Mediterranean island, it has been revealed that peoples with a moderate habit of consuming black tea are less prone to type-2 Diabetes than others.

· Better Immune System: It is also proved from a medical research that this type of tea supports our immune system through an antigen called Alkyl amine. It also contains Tannins, which fights against viruses and gives us a better protection against any viruses like Influenza, Cold Sores, and Chickenpox etc.

· Increased Metabolism: Due to a relatively low Caffeine content, it helps in enhancing blood flow to the brain but it does not over stimulate heart functionality.

· Stress Buster: Black Tea works like a magic when someone is stressed and tired after a hectic day at work. Studies revealed that the Amino Acid L found in it could help you relax and even concentrate better. If consumed on a regular basis in a moderate amount, it can also help in reducing the level of stress hormone. After various researches conducted by numerous international organisations, it is now proved that one will experience a calming and relaxing effect after consuming a cup of original Black Tea from Darjeeling.

· Healthy Digestive Tract: As this tea contains tannin, so it can be quite beneficial for those suffering from various gastric and intestinal illnesses. Tannin helps to maintain a good intestinal health.

· Good for Oral Health: Polyphenols can be found in it. These agents reduce plaque formation and restrict bacterial growth that causes a cavity, tooth decay etc. Which means some finest black tea has the ability to promote a good oral health.

Considering all these pros of this Tea one conclusion can be drawn that, consuming Tea is no doubt beneficial for health, but over indulging anything can be dangerous. It is also applicable for Black Darjeeling Tea. It is beneficial as long as you are taking it in a moderate and controlled fashion.

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