7 Important Health Benefits Obtained From Consuming Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Tea is recognized as a very stimulating drink, and is loved by many people. It is liked for its unique flavor, its ability to boost energy levels instantly and for many health benefits. Organic Darjeeling Green Tea has plenty of benefits for the health, which are generally unknown to the public. Read on and know about a few of them.

Immune boosting

Green tea is packed with Polyphenols, which serve as powerful antioxidants and can boost the immune system in blocking damage caused to the DNA. These antioxidants happen to be a lot varied from those to be found in fruits. When consumed on a daily basis, these can complement the regular diet and aid the body in fighting common cold and even other diseases. The presence of an antigen known as Alkyl amine, as proven through various medical studies on tea, also provides support to the immune system.

Cold fighting

Tea also consists of substances known as Tannins which can combat viruses and provide the body with more protection against viruses such as Chickenpox, Influenza and cold sores. Regular Darjeeling Green Tea drinkers are, thus, able to fight cold better than non-tea drinkers.

Faster metabolism

Tea consists of a comparatively lower amount of caffeine, which assists in boosting the flow of blood to the brain without making the heart function more rapidly than is usual. A faster metabolism helps burn excessive fat deposits in the body, removes lethargy and improves the functioning of the different glands and organs.


After a hard day at work, a cup of organic green tea can work wonders for the mind and body. This is because Amino Acid L that is present in it can improve the concentration and allow people to relax. When consumed regularly in moderate quantities, it can also be useful for reducing stress hormone levels. Green tea is a great stress buster for the body, and many international organizations have revealed that drinking this beverage can make users feel a relaxing and calming sensation.


Studies conducted on older inhabitants of a Mediterranean island have also proven that those who are even moderately habituated to the consumption of tea can avoid Type-2 Diabetes as compared to people who do not suffer from the condition. Darjeeling Organic First Flush tea can aid diabetics in more ways than one. It can also help improve their vision and improve their cardiac health.

Better oral health

Tea is also a rich source of Polyphenols. Such types of agents can lower the formation of plaques and limit the growth of bacteria which result in tooth decay, cavity problems and more. Due to this reason, tea drinkers can enjoy better oral health.

Healthy digestive tract

Due to the presence of tannin, tea is very useful for people who suffer from different intestinal and gastric conditions. It can assist drinkers to maintain proper health of intestine. A faster metabolism due to regular consumption of tea is also able to battle constipation problems, and helps in achieving better bowel movements.

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