Buy Darjeeling Tea in Bulk at Best Price

Are you planning to buy that finest Darjeeling Tea in bulk? Then here is the deal. Nowadays in this era of IT and globalization, you can order for wholesale purchase with some of the largest tea producers in a click of a mouse. Moreover, you can also ask for an online quote by submitting your personal contact details. They will get back to you with all of your answers and the best price.

If you are one of those connoisseurs who simply adore the dramatic aroma of Darjeeling Tea, then before placing your wholesale order, just go through this list to revise your knowledge.

· Black Whole Leaf First Flush: If you would like to stick to the aroma of Black variant Darjeeling Tea, then this is for you. Well-twisted and made whole leafs with first flush character, which is not only delicate in nature but also has a mesmerising flavour. Many people like this one for its refreshing aroma.

· Black Broken First Flush: The broken nature gives a strong brew with the essential first flush nature.

· Black Fannings First Flush: The first flush characteristics in this type are truly refreshing and energising. Proper fannings give leafs an excellent texture.

· Black Dust First Flush: This is even sized first flush dust. The first flush characteristic is optimally present in this type.

· Black Whole Leaf Second Flush: As the name depicts, this is the soothing second flush with well-twisted whole leafs. The second flush aroma is soothing and delicate.

· Black Broken Second Flush: This is also a soothing variation of the second flush. Due to broken leafs; the brew is a bit stronger.

· Black Fannings Second Flush: A prominent variation with distinct second flush characteristics. Proper Darjeeling fannings with a dramatic aroma give this variant a nice flavour.

· Green Whole Leaf: This is truly a treat to those health enthusiasts. Twisted neatly and properly sized this tea is neat and carries an excellent flavour.

· Green Broken: Well-treated broken leaves just enhance the healthy experience in drinking a cup of this tea. This has a light greenish colour and a mild soothing flavour.

· Green Fannings: This is another variant of Green Darjeeling Tea with all of its flavour and rich notes.

· Darjeeling Oolong: Oolongs are a semi-fermented Tea. This type is basically a medium stage which lies in between Green and Black Tea. These Oolongs are well sized and full bodied with a good amount of silver tips. This type is produced from a clone of AV2

· Darjeeling Ruby: This is a truly refreshing variant and many leading producers have specialisation in producing this kind. It is well known for its rich aroma and Darjeeling flavours.

With all of these variants available, it is important that you approach a right producer to get an exotic lot of Darjeeling Tea, which not only satisfies your test buds but also justifies the price tag. So, what are you waiting for? Now it is time to visit the website and click the ‘Order Now’ button.

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