Buying Darjeeling Green Tea Online – Things Buyers Should Know About

The mere mention of Darjeeling tea is mouthwatering for most tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs out there. Darjeeling, a popular hill station in the north-eastern part of India, is famous for the many varieties of tea cultivated there in gardens and tea plantations. This beautiful Himalayan region is globally famous for its aromatic tea varieties and blends such as Green tea, Black tea, and White tea and Oolong tea. The attractive aroma, light color and freshness make Darjeeling teas a much loved beverage. Before you order Darjeeling green tea online, here are a few things that you should know about.

Know about the different varieties

Darjeeling green tea organic is available in wide varieties. There is Green Whole Leaf, which is neatly twisted and sized in a proper way. This kind of tea is amazing and has a terrific flavor. These are wonderful for those who are health conscious. There is also Green Broken leaves, which are broken leaves treated well. These come with a soft soothing flavor and a light green color. Drinking a cup of tea with green broken leaves can be a real treat for any tea drinker. There is also Green Fannings, which is fantastic variant. It boasts of rich notes and wonderful flavor.

Know the tea flush

Tea from Darjeeling can be divided into many categories, on the basis of region. Tea enthusiasts love to check tea leaves by flushes, such as first flush or second flush. The uniqueness of a tea is the most amazing feature. Manufacturers of Darjeeling tea take a lot of care to maintain the amazing traits of the various blends in the area. Darjeelinggreen tea gardens are famous for the various flushes, and each flush comes with a distinct aroma and a stronger brew. As a buyer, you need to know about the various flushes that tea leaves are available in.

Know the reputed sellers

It is essential to purchase tea from reputed sellers. The internet abounds with many online stores and sellers, but some of these are real scammers waiting to rob people of their hard earned money. If you want to buy in bulk, it is better to check the websites of wholesalers who are known for competitive prices and original quality. Affordability is a big thing to consider and you should get price quotes from a number of sellers to make an informed purchase decision.

Become a subscriber

Once you have found a good, reputed seller, sign its mailing list to know about discounted offers and get timely alerts. Every reputed tea sellers offers discounts on their packages at various times each year. They also mail alerts and information to interested buyers when a new Darjeeling Green Tea Organic package or product arrives. In order to avail all these as a buyer, you should sign the mailing list to become a subscriber of mails from the company. Then, you can get blends directly from the company web store. All the orders will reach your home or preferred destination at the time scheduled.

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