What Are The Advantages of Drinking Assam Tea?

Just like various other black tea blends, Assam black tea has plenty of benefits for human health. It is a very popular variety which is widely acclaimed and is known for its superior quality. High quality black blends of this kind of tea have a specific aroma and taste. The quality and taste of Assam black brew tends to differ a lot, as per the time taken for harvesting. The health advantages of this tea blend are the stuffs of folklore. Find out what are the different health benefits that make this beverage so popular, and why so many people love to buy Assam tea wholesale.

Better immunity

According to research, the presence of the amine in Assam tea is able to improve the immune system and help the body to respond better against infectious agents. This kind of tea is associated to the rise in the number of gamma delta T cells which combat different ailments. A number of studies have shown that people who generally consume this tea have quite higher number of anti-bacterial proteins. Due to a boost to the immune system, it can aid in better food absorption and digestion.

Stress buster

The consumption of Assam loose tea bulk is also able to reduce everyday stress levels by reducing the amount of the cortisol hormone manufactured in the body. This hormone helps regulate the response of the body to traumatic situations and stressful experiences. A cup of Assam tea after a hectic day at the workplace helps lower stress levels and allows people to get calmer and more relaxed. Assam blend provides a lot of relief from tension and stress, and can calm the nervous system.

Stroke avoidance

Research has also shown that the consumption of 3 cups or more every day can reduce the risks of stroke quite significantly. It is a common benefit experienced by drinkers of both black and green tea varieties.

Energy booster

With just 1 cup of Assam black CTC tea wholesale, the body gets a much-needed boost and a significant increase in the level of energy. This kind of beverage has many advantages for health. It is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin B1 and caffeine.


Studies have also proved that the consumption of this tea boosts the ability of the body to produce anti-bacterial proteins more easily. Drinking this kind of tea reduces the amount of bacteria to be found within the mouth, which can automatically prevent bad breath problems.

Better heart health

This type of tea is also able to reduce the risks of various cardiovascular problems, and also combat blood pressure and arterial stiffness. Regular drinkers can have the risks of heart attacks and strokes lowered by a significant measure. They can function much better and feel fitter even while carrying out daily activities.

Better circulation

Drinking Assam Loose Tea regularly helps boost the circulation of blood, minimizes risks of diseases which can affect brain functioning, strengthens teeth, fights cavities and reduces risks of cell damage which can lead to the obliteration of cancerous risks.

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